Knights Of Loveworld


Imagine being the Top Oratory Master in the Loveworld Nation? In these last days, are you bold enough to speak up in defense of the gospel? On the battlefield of life, our strength is our shield, our word, our sword! Are you battle ready? Can you be coronated the Grand Knight of Loveworld? Presenting the very first Loveworld Graduate Network Grand Knight Contest !


What We Do?

• Channel their talents to creating content that is edifying and brings people to salvation.
• Projects the values, vision and mindset of the ministry to the world through creative speaking and/or writing.
• To display the ministry’s perfectionism, exceptionalism and expansionism in creative arts.
• Hold programs to reach out to other creatives outside the ministry influencing them with the same passion for souls.
• Speaking in defense of the gospel and the ministry on public platforms.

How to join the contest

Record a 60 seconds monologue focusing on the theme of this year’s contest – The Last Minutes – encapsulating the timely teachings of our man of God on the rapture of the church (first flight), the times we live in and our ministry of reconciliation.
Send in your video to the LGN center in your zone/church.
Zonal contests run from Jul 23rd to August 1st Regional finals from August 1st to 9th.
Finals hold on September 11th 2020! Who will be the prestigious Grand Knight of Loveworld? Contact your LGN center to register!