Loveworld Graduate Network
We build our Loveworld Graduates to become exceptional in their various fields of career as they contribute in the most impactful way to making where they are better all around the globe.

Welcome to the network
This is a network designed to mentor, train and equip vibrant leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs positioned in strategic spaces, for elite performance and global influence.

Our Programs

LoveWorld Graduates Connect

This September, BLW Alumni and Graduates in the Loveworld Nation gather for a transformative event, maximizing their Gods given potential to influence their world in the loveworld graduate global connect with Pastor Chris.

Business Advantage Conference

The network held an enterprenurial conference themed 'Excelling in startup' which held on...

Loveworld Graduate Finishing School

Train under experts and mentors in an enivornment that combines excellence, divinity and quality programs.

Made in Loveworld Business Start-Up Workshop

The Made in Loveworld Business Startup workshop is an entrepreneurship empowerment program with the objective of creating jobs for our graduates and raising more business owners in our ministry.


Gymnazo means to vigorously enhance overall wellness and fitness of spirit, mind, and body.

Global Connect

Loveworld Graduates Global Connect with Pastor Chris. A program where elite performers gather to learn, built up and sent out to impact the world with the investment of thier personality.

Upcoming Ministry Programs

Global Pray-a-thon With Pastor Chris

Join millions of people praying together with Pastor Chris at the same time and for the same purpose; making global changes through the @PastorChrisLive Global Prayer Network

Our Impact Stories

Made in Loveworld Business Start-Up Workshop Ministry Center Port Harcourt

Prior to the workshop, she had always wanted to go for such business seminars but the cost was extremely high. Then she heard of this opportunity a...

Prior to the workshop, she had always wanted to go for such business seminars but the cost was extremely high. Then she heard of this opportunity and grabbed it longingly.

At the training, she discovered that she was doing so many things wrong in her business such as pitching her business to the wrong target market resulting in the very low sales and visibility her business had been experiencing.

The startup workshop taught her how to strategically use the right content to pitch her products and services to the right target market so as to generate traffic towards her brand and subsequently make sales. 

She said “The business re-orientation course was mind blowing. I had to unlearn a lot of business myths and false philosophies I heard about business. I learnt that money is not necessarily the first thing I need to start up a business and that the first tool I need is my mind. The moment I had that ingrained in my thinking, my perspective about business changed and a new business was birthed”.

Glory to God, she is super grateful to God for the opportunity the Loveworld Graduate Network and all the Mentors has created for her to empower her world.


Sister Mila Nwakwesi

Productive and innovative millennials connect

The productive and innovative millennials connect (P.I.M connect) was birthed by the LGN USA, we had several testimonies of the impact of the meeti...

The productive and innovative millennials connect (P.I.M connect) was birthed by the LGN USA, we had several testimonies of the impact of the meeting and the lasting positive impressions it had in the lives of our attendees.


We decided to make the P.I.M connect a monthly onsite/online meeting to be hosted by the various LGN centers in their various zones. The target audience are young college graduates, professionals, creative, entrepreneurs, and the working class in our ministry globally. The purpose of this connect meeting is to stir in our members a consciousness to use their gifts, talents, resources, platforms, and influence in the various organizations they belong to for the benefit of the gospel. Due to the recent happenings in the world (global pandemic fiasco) from the month of April the conferences were streamed online in order to allow participation from every location across various countries and states.


The P.I.M connect is a strategic and interactive conference, it encourages various discussion and trainings, business and entrepreneurial coaching sessions, charging attendees to maximize their influence in the various organizations they work in and they received practical ideas and guidance on how to create, and implement business ideas. Some of our centers organized community service projects as a way of giving back to the community which is one of the LGN values also participating in the distribution of Emergency relief package for ministers during the COVID 19 period.

Our Initiatives
The Loveworld graduate network has several Initiatives and programs to help her graduates become elite performers in today’s society.

Mentors hub

Loveworld Graduate Finishing School

Leadership Creation & Training

Made In Loveworld

BLW Alumni Network

Corpers' Loveworld

Meet The Mentors
Pastor T.T Temisan
Member, Central Executive Council Loveworld Inc.
Member of the Loveworld Graduate Network, Board of Mentors
Pastor Femi Otenigbagbe
MIL Business COllege, MD Refuge Mortgage Bank, Director, FSD Liquid assets and capital
Pastor Doyin-Dennis Oshideko
Loveworld Graduate Network
Pastor Don Okhuofu
Loveworld Graduate Finishing School, Member, Loveworld Graduate Network Board of Mentors
Sister Onyi Mclivingstone
Loveworld Graduate Finishing School, Productivity & Goals Achievement Expert
Sister Stephanie Nelson
Loveworld Graduate Finishing School, Business Consultant & Start-up Coach
Sister Chioma Amajoyi
Loveworld Graduate Finishing School, Certified United Nations Industrial Development Organizations Trainer